Goodbye Summer

Hello friends!!! Can you tell I was enjoying my summer to the max. The last time I posted was before school was even out. I hope your summer was just as fun and exciting as mine was. We did a family vacation to the happiest place on earth.
My little one was more than excited when she got to meet her two favorite characters. I have to admit I was just as excited. I may or may not have taken a picture with Elsa, I just couldn't help it. We had an amazing time and ALL the girls enjoyed the trip.

So after this vacation I needed a vacation where walking a lot is not necessary. Where could that be? Hmmmmm maybe Cancun. I have to admit that my husband and I love to relax by the pool (me more than him). But we also like to explore wherever we go.
This is a picture of our only outing while we were there. We couldn't go to Cancun and not visit one of the NEW 7 wonders of the world Chichen-Itza. If you ever get  chance to go to Cancun this tour is so worth it. There is so much  history there and the place is just breathtaking. This was the only day we did not lay by the pool. Thanks for popping in and come I will blogging about some bilingual resources I created in between our vacations.

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