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Hey there blogger friends. If you are a teacher reading this blog, you will chant with me "Slow down Summer", "Slow down Summer". Do you think it will work? Is worth a try, don't you think. But seriously why does Summer go by super fast?

I have found some time in between classes and gotten to work on some TpT products that have been uploaded to my store. With the school year quickly approaching, I have created an EDITABLE school calendar in Spanish. You will be able to use this calendar for as long as you teach, and the best think is that you only pay for it once.

This product has all the months you need for the school year. To get more information and see close up pictures of this product click HERE

New Look!!

I'm going to use the excuse that I needed a new look in order to blog more. My last post was almost a year ago, and then came school, a new grade, and did I mention a new school. Blogging was put off, way off. I truly want to be more active on here but I felt like I needed some motivation. I contacted Jolene from Paisley n Polkadots Design and she did an amazing job. Don't you think? She communicated with me every step of the way and her prices are unbeatable. Now my Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest all share a cohesive design.

My summer vacation starts in five days and my goal is to blog more, share more, and create even more amazing products. Please check back soon to see new products and read about my summer adventures.

Goodbye Summer

Hello friends!!! Can you tell I was enjoying my summer to the max. The last time I posted was before school was even out. I hope your summer was just as fun and exciting as mine was. We did a family vacation to the happiest place on earth.
My little one was more than excited when she got to meet her two favorite characters. I have to admit I was just as excited. I may or may not have taken a picture with Elsa, I just couldn't help it. We had an amazing time and ALL the girls enjoyed the trip.

So after this vacation I needed a vacation where walking a lot is not necessary. Where could that be? Hmmmmm maybe Cancun. I have to admit that my husband and I love to relax by the pool (me more than him). But we also like to explore wherever we go.
This is a picture of our only outing while we were there. We couldn't go to Cancun and not visit one of the NEW 7 wonders of the world Chichen-Itza. If you ever get  chance to go to Cancun this tour is so worth it. There is so much  history there and the place is just breathtaking. This was the only day we did not lay by the pool. Thanks for popping in and come I will blogging about some bilingual resources I created in between our vacations.

Multiplication Word Problems

I have finally uploaded my multiplication product that includes the craftivity I blogged about last week. Click on the picture and it will direct you where you can get it. I hope the product is useful to you and that your students enjoy making it as much as mine did.
 Multiplication Word Problems

Thank you for checking out this product. My TpT store will be on sale tomorrow for Mothers Day. Everything will be discounted, so stop by and snag something at a discounted price.

Multiplication and Area


Hello friends!! We have been busy working in math class with multiplication and area. We have created some cute caterpillars and butterflies to show the different ways to represent multiplication. As soon as I can figure this thing out I will put a link with the document I used to create these adorable crafts. And you know what, it came handy with our butterfly life cycle we were working on in science.

Multiplication Caterpillar
I printed these out in card stock paper. On the leaf I wrote the multiplication fact I wanted the students to work on. As you can see the caterpillar body serves as the different ways to represent multiplication. 

Multiplication Butterfly                                                                                                                         I also printed these in card stock paper. On the body of the caterpillar I wrote the multiplication fact I wanted the students to work on. The butterfly winds serve as the different ways to represent multiplication.

Area Superheroes

Last week we finished learning about area. Finding the area of different figures. My kiddos thought this was the easiest concept all  year long. We almost a whole week to go over it. To close the concept my students created these adorable area superheroes. I got the idea from here "Area Superheroes" My students really enjoyed making these cuties. You can tell some of them just wanted to make sure I knew it was a girl superhero. 
Girl Superhero
Boy Superhero
All of our superheroes
Boy Superhero

Well that's it for now. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Today we were treated to breakfast at our school. Tomorrow we get lunch, which made it easier for me. Didn't have to pack anything. I hope all of you are feeling appreciated not just this week but all the time.

Financial Literacy

Hello everyone! Are you watching the Super Bowl? My hubby has the game on full blast and I'm just sitting here trying to work. Well it's been a long time since I wrote a post. My goal is to write a post once a week (we'll see how that goes). Have you started working in the new financial literacy SE? Last week it was all about financial literacy in my classroom. Although the book had some problems and whatnot. I went ahead and created a little something to help and reinforce what we have learned so far.
 Financial Literacy

My evening has just started. Bath time for the little one, lunch is packed, school bag ready. Hope you guys have an awesome week of school. I'll give a set away to the first person that makes a comment.
Ok, here we go again. I originally started this blog blog after going to a training last school year. I was determined to keep it up and actually share it with my parents this year. Well, that didn't work, summer came along and didn't even remember I had a blog. Then we started school over a month ago, and realized most of my students don't have computers at home. My plan to share this blog with parents went out the window.

I'm taking a new approach, and I hope this time it will work. I am a bilingual teacher in Texas. And I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to find resources in Spanish for my classroom. On this blog I will share my classroom adventures with my students, and resources that I have made for my classroom. I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting my blog.